ORESTES in «Die Orestie: Die Eumeniden» II.

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    Act IV 

    Orestes and Athena. 

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    Hail Pallas! Hail thou saviour of my house!
    Me, when bereft of my paternal land,
    Thou leadest home: haply some Greek will say,
    "The man an Argive is once more, and dwells
    On his paternal heritage, by aid
    Of Pallas, and of Loxias, and Him,
    Third Saviour, mighty consummator, Zeus,"—
    Who, honouring my father's death, saves me,
    Beholding these my mother's advocates.
    Now to my native Argos I depart,
    Pledged to this country and thy lieges here
    By oath to be revered for evermore,
    That never helmsman of the Argive State
    Shall hither bear the well-appointed spear.
    For we, ourselves, though couching in the grave,
    On those who violate these present oaths
    By sore perplexities will work, and send
    In march despondency, in crossing streams
    Omens averse, till they repent their toil.
    But unto those who keep this pledge, and honour
    Athena's city with confederate spear,
    To them will we be gracious evermore.
    Hail goddess, and these city-wardens, hail!
    Still may your gripe be fatal to your foes,
    While victory and safety crown your spear.

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