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    3. Act, 1. Scene

    Acaste and Clitander 

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    ACASTE: By Jove! I do not see, when looking at myself, that I have any reason to be sad. I am rich and young; I come of a family which can call itself noble with some appearance of truth; and I think that, thanks to the rank I hold from my ancestors, there are few positions for which I am not fit. As for courage, which we ought to value above all things, it is well known, without boasting on my part, that I am not wanting in that, and people have seen me carry on a certain affair of honour with vigour and determination enough. As for wit, I undoubtedly possess some. I have also good natural taste, which enables me to judge and reason upon everything without study; to play the knowing critic upon the stage, when, to my delight, any new piece comes out; to give my opinion as a judge, and to set the whole house going at all the passages which deserve applause. I have tact, perfect manners, good looks, particularly fine teeth, and a very elegant figure. As to dress, few, I believe, would dispute the palm with me. I am esteemed as much as one can be; greatly beloved by the fair sex, and in favour with the king. Now, I do think that with all these advantages, my dear marquis, I do verily think that a man may well rest satisfied with himself in whatever country he may be.


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